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Follow the recent chat always asked me: “how do you love now?” I said: “cold” whenever I return to you this sentence, you always send a series of emoticons to me. In fact, I know you care about me, you and I said your story, after listening to I feel sorry for you, I really love you, I feel you worse than me. I say my story to you, listen to you, how can you be so kind, why don’t you hate? I tell you: once I angry teeth itch, cry very sad, and even every day I sleep of it some day, I need rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep. And then you come in the decisive voice scold me, say the word is the most stupid, actually you did not?

When I recovered almost, only occasionally think of once the person in the life appeared a few years, every day of your Ya micro channel complained to me, told me he and your girlfriends together. You are angry, want revenge, mouth without masking the scold the incidentally, also for I called another person, in fact, when I hear your impassioned curse words, I was really smiled, because I found that even a few words are not, all of a sudden, I adore you. Then I follow you to the guy scolded again, finished after you actually abandon me scold not cruel, you always say to me: “sister ah, you are so easy to lose to the cruel revenge about.” But I think need not ah, a sentence saying “retribution when, do not take someone else’s fault to punish yourself, not worth it!” This time you say “I you are not stupid Still water runs deep., is softhearted”

And you know you also calculate a coincidence, not publicity, enough low-key, there are any problems I will say to you, whether it is work or daily life. You can always help me, you give me the most a few words is when broken is broken, the ruthless and relentless, follow heart also don’t forget you are not a perfect person, the person will have flaws, selfish little why don’t good, too soft hearted and good is not necessarily a good thing, at least your softhearted and kindness to to know you. Forgive me for the last time, because it was so good and I didn’t dare, so I admit I was a coward.

I am how happy reading have to accompany the group of lovely girl. After working out with a group of considerate colleagues accompany, life is your these friends can talk to chat. Would like to thank the people too much in the 11 did not elaborate on the, or else they will seem sentimental me the, get the original than to lose a lot more, happiness is very simple.

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